Monday, August 29, 2016

A Low Tech Process For Creating A Floral Mason Bee Nesting Sculptue

In my Organic Forrestry Studio, I use metal cutting and welding equipment to make large flowers with Mason Bee nesting units. Most folks don't have this fairly expensive equipment, and the skill to use them safely take some time and
education to acquire. See post.

I developed an alternative approach using thin metal sheets and toolx that can be purchased easily for under $20. It is easy and a lot of fun to do. I used thin metal sheets that are used to fabricate air conditioning ducts. I bought tin snips and a rivet gun. 

I cut petals from the metal, and connected them with rivets. The "trumpet" which holds the nesting tubes was created by bending the bottom of the petals and riveting them perpendicularly to the background petals.

The flower was given several coats of bronze metal purchased from Sculpt Nouveau. Colors were developed using acid stains from the same source. 

The nesting tubes were cut from bamboo growing in our garden.

This sculpture can be made by most people in their garages.


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