Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How to Build a Bee & Bee

Here is as easy design to provide nesting spaces for cavity nesting bees.

I started out with a piece of 1 by 8 pine lumber. I cut three pieces 10 inches long for the the back and sides of a nesting box. The bottom is 8 inches and the top is 10 inches. I used a dray saw.

I assembled the piece, squaring, gluing and screwing it together.

I covered the top with roof flashing.

I gave the unit 3 coats of yellow exterior house paint. I painted a floral design on both sides. I applied a UV resistant spray to the design to protect it from the sun.

Finally, I filled the piece with commercially available mason bee nesting units, pieces of bamboo from our garden, rolled pieces of parchment paper for Mason Bees, and pieces of pine branch for Carpenter Bees.  

A Bee & Bee

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  1. These are great. How and where were they mounted?